The Plot Thickens


This page is in change often. Hints about projects that are in the works. And some fun stuff from the cutting room floor. 


Deathly Quiet

Annie is back with Thanatos, but I have a feeling she's up to something.


Spark of Life

Another Karma book, of course! But something is seriously amiss with Geoff.


Karma Sense

A Karma prequel! Ever wonder what happened all those centuries ago that made Karma the hot pot of danger and excitement it is?


Wished Upon

Oh, Starrie!

Deathly Quiet is in the works. First draft. No predicted release date set as yet.

Have you read Deathly Still yet?

Ready to read more? Check here for other teasers, or preorder Deathly Quiet today!

I put my hands on my hips. “Are you messing with me?”

He sighed. I was having a bad influence on him. He never used to sigh like that.

One of these days he was going to start rolling his eyes.

“W-w-watch,” he said, his voice, as always, serious. “L-l-look. What do y-you s-see?”

I glanced up at him, intrigued at the way his stammer always seemed to lessen in severity when he was focused.

“I see mud,” I said, looking down at the puddle in front of me. “I see water. I see… muck? What is it? Why don’t you tell me what it is I’m supposed to be seeing?”

“D-d-deeper,” Nat said, with another one of those Annie-eque sighs.

Deeper? What the heck was that supposed to mean? I scrunched my face up with concentration.

Mud. Water and dirt.

“Whatever I’m supposed to be seeing, I’m not,” I announced. “All I see is mud.”

“W-what c-c-could it b-b-b-be?”

I tilted my head in speculation.

“We-ell….” I narrowed my eyes.

Deathly Quiet is scheduled for release on March 2nd.

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