Books by Elizabeth A Reeves


Cindy Eller

Cindy Eller is a baker with a secret-- she's a witch! Not only that, but she's cursed. Every man she has ever kissed has turned into a toad. Follow Cindy, her sisters, and her friends, as they entangle themselves in a world of Magic and sweet treats.


Goldie Locke and the Were Bears

Goldie Locke is a feisty and brilliant young lawyer, with a house full of endangered Magical creatures. Whatever could go wrong? A lot, as it happens.


Karma's Witches

When life gives you lemons, some would say make lemonade. Amber, always very solitary--and quite content to remain so-- knows all about making lemonade. More than she wants to. But what do you do when you discover--out of the clear blue--that you're a hereditary witch? What do you do when a sexy cop seems to be flirting with you? What do you do when you discover you're not the only-child you'd always believed you were?



Antingone is in for the surprise of her life... Death himself. Special circumstances mean that Annie has to study with the legendary Thanatos, or she will die. But, just as Annie finds herself developing feelings for Death, she makes a stunning realization that will change everything. For everyone. Forever.


Witness Protection for Monsters

Life has been reassuringly quiet-- if a little boring now and then-- for Kandice Kayne, but that's the way she likes it. Her life consists of work and sleep and study, with the occasional visit from the friendly neighborhood ghost. Everything changes when she is awakened after the graveyard shift by the police--who insist she's a material witness to a murder. Kandi is pulled from everything and everyone she knows and thrust into the world of the Monster Witness Protection Program. Not only have they uprooted her from her enture life, but now they insist that they want her to work for them. What's a good monster-psychiatrist-in-training to do? Throw in a mysterious and romantic figure in her dreams, and life has become anything but boring!


The World of Sundala

Sundala is a magical land populated by the Eight Races: Man, Elves, Imps, Dragons, Karduul, Hagri, and Isliji. For eight hundred years they have lived in separation, but now they must draw together as one to unite against a common enemy or face complete and utter destruction.


Diary of a Teenage Oracle

High School Magic is Just the Beginning... With school, friends, and homework, Kylie Chase is just another girl starting out her freshman year in high school. Sure, she has to keep the fact that she has magic a secret, but, with her closest friends also magically inclined, that isn't difficult for her to manage. So, of course, just as life is starting to look good-- just as the boy she's had a crush on forever is starting to pay attention-- Kylie's life takes a swift left-hand turn. Forget the life of a fourteen year old girl. It turns out Kylie has been around the block a few times before. What's a girl to do, when she finds out that she's the reincarnation of the Oracle? One thing is for sure: high school doesn't seem like such a big deal anymore.


The Last Selkie: Adrift

The Last Selkie. Twenty years ago the Gates to Faerie, protecting mankind from the Fae, failed for only a few hours. It was enough for a selkie maiden to escape through the barrier and fall in love with a young man who was dying. Her magical nature was enough to keep him alive a little longer. Then she vanished, leaving her husband and young daughter behind, answering the inescapable call of the sea-- a call the selkie have always answered. Now nineteen, Meg Tanner has lost her father to a malignant brain tumor. Grieving and alone in the world, she follows the road to Newfoundland. There she meets Devin, the Guardian of the Gateway. He tells her that her mother didn't drown, but was a selkie who slipped through the gateway twenty years earlier, when Devin's father died, leaving the weight of the gateway on a ten year old's shoulders. Because of this, Devin feels responsible for Meg. He is also afraid that his attraction to her is purely the attraction of a mortal to a creature of Faerie. Meanwhile, Meg keeps dreaming of Faerie-- her mother, and one of the Sidhe-- an inhumanly beautiful Fae named Omyn, who is irresistable to her, but also frightens her. Meg's mother wants her to come to Faerie-- a one way ticket, and is weaving the seal skin that will allow her to pass through the gate and leave behind mortality forever. Meg is forced to choose between the man she has grown to love, the fascinating Omyn who ignites her blood, and the last family she has left.


First Kisses, Near Misses

Short Stories from the world of Cindy Eller and Goldie Locke.



Death is nothing to fear, when what you fear most is yourself. Afraid of herself, and what she might become, seventeen year old Tess has run away from home. On the streets there is no comfort for her, for she can feel the emotions of everyone around her at all times, and is terrified that she is being driven mad.